Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bargains that couldn't be said no to

Sometimes I find stuff that I just can't turn down on the internet. Mostly they surprise me a lot.

I got an adorable collared front navy dress with white spots that I really thought would be way too small for me for under $10 including postage. I sewed up the hems on the sleeves and a tiny hole near the armpit, and it fits just fine (if a little snug, but I can get it over my head, which is much better than I was expecting).

And the other thing that came in the mail today was this lovely white embroidered shirt.

Now- because I am broken on the insides and have a terrible sense of self- I really thought this was going to fit. Quite obviously it does not.
It is way too big around the top half and especially around the arms, but I really love the collar and the front which has lovely flowers with some pink thread (which can't really be seen here).

I googled 'shirt refashioning', and found a lot of things that weren't really what I had in mind. I'd love to keep the shirt long sleeved and basically as it is, but make it more fitted and less boxy. I assume this is going to mean taking in the sleeves and doing some darts or something. If I take in the sleeves, this is going to change the sleeve holes right?

It's going to become a big complicated mess, I can just tell.
Does anyone with re-fashioning experience have any suggestions on how I can make this blouse in to something I can tuck in to a high waisted skirt?

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