Friday, March 18, 2011

Nashi pie and Buttered rum. A Friday evening success story

The other day I failed at copying some pies from A Beautiful Mess.
Today, I tried again and totally won. You can read about my other disaster here but I'm sure success stories are much more satisfying!

Nashi, walnut, date and sultana pie


Puff Pastry,
4 Nashi pears,
1/4 cup sultanas,
10 pitted dates,
1/4 walnut kernels,
tsp cinnamon,
50g white sugar,
1/4 cup brown sugar
tsp vanilla essence,
1/2tsp ginger
Water for stewing.

Combine all ingredients, except the puff pastry, and the sultanas in a saucepan.

I used way too much water, so maybe use less than that. However, I did turn the left over sugary, cinnamony water in to a bizarre kind of sauce by cooking it down?

Basically, I stewed it, add the sultanas later otherwise they just take up room down the bottom and get overly moist.

Use a muffin liner to trace the desires size on to the puff pastry,
Cut out and insert in to a greased muffin tray.

I topped the pies with latticed puff pastry (or stars or stripes as I got more bored) and baked in the over at 180degrees until crispy and slightly bubbling.

Don't burn your hand like I did

Obviously there were some shamefully misshapen pies when I ran out of pastry to do fancy lattice tops.

I didn't care though because I started drinking Buttered Rum (from this recipe) before dinner. MMMmmmmm

It doesn't look like much. But believe me. Yum!


  1. SO jealous. We should do a gibli/buttered rum night.

  2. How pretty! And from the recipe, they sound delicious!