Friday, March 18, 2011

When did I become one of those people?

I was trying to think today, as I walked to class in my green pencil skirt, white silk blouse, long black cardigan and lovely green silk flats, with my eyebrows pencilled, and eye liner and mascara and blush (unfortunately not my legs cleanly shaven like they really ought to have been), when did I turn in to this person.
I know the answer is recently.
I'm not sure why it happened, and I can't really pinpoint a date when I bought that first dress of Etsy.

And then I wore it out, and further to that, I went and purchased another dress that I'm pretty sure I would have massively sneered at 2 years ago.

And then I went and wore that out. A lot.

I guess you miss the reference of my entire years at high school when I wore jeans (generally boys jeans) and an oversized black t shirt with varying slogans and geeky prints on them for about 7 years straight. I think my way of dressing so I didn't look fat was by buying the jeans that only touched my body at my hips, which was hidden by the massive shirt that draped the whole way down, without ever making contact. And they were literally all black shirts. Every single one of them.

I remember looking in to my wardrobe late last year and thinking 'wow.. look at all those colours.. I bet if I posted that on facebook, people from highschool would be amazed'.
I'm not really sure they'd be amazed. They'd probably just think 'about time'.
Or 'Why am I still friends with that girl who is so boring and posting pictures of her wardrobe on facebook? She is most certainly no longer relevant to my current life and shall be purged' (not if I purge you first!).

And then somehow that pink dress ended up in my wardrobe (it's been there for more than a few months, it's just that I can fit in to it and breath now).

I'm pretty sure highschool me would have scoffed.
Personally, I'm kind of glad.

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